From The Vault: DJ Acid

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The champ is here! Consistently taking the topside of local DJ competitions, DJ Acid placed twice at the Malaysian DMC competitions, even scoring sixth position in the World Finals in London in 2000—that’s sixth best in the planet, people! Naturally, when Goldie played Movement, you couldn’t have called anyone else. On top form, drum and bass heads heaved a reluctant sigh when Acid exited stage right and gave way to the superstar DJ—that’s how brilliant Acid is. As a member of Loops Collective, he’s been holding the torch for the city’s breaks, and drum and bass scene for close to five years. He also runs Bionics, one of the country’s first DJ schools. With the bpms rolling, JUICE grabbed a quick one.

Acid, what have you been up to?
Working on my tracks. Watch out for the next single, ‘Taken’!

You released ‘Roswell’ on local dance music compilation, KL: Presence 02. Are you an X-phile?
Not really. I was messing around … wanted to make people wonder, ‘Do aliens really exist?’

Of course they exist! You still run the Bionic DJ Academy. Tell us about the upstart DJs that are soon to take command of the mothership.
They’re mostly d ‘n’ b and breaks DJs and all of them have their own style, so watch out for them all!

You are a local DMC hero. Other DJs must have been relieved when you stopped competing. What’s the toughest turntable trix in your fast-fingered repertoire?
Beat juggling while scratching at the same time, cutting and blending to get it
smooth and clear. It needs a lot of practise….

What recent drum and bass track has made you fall in love the genre all
over again?

I’ve moved onto breakbeats and lost touch of d ‘n’ b tracks….

Gazoiks! Acid and deebee is synonymous! Okay then, what’s the most patriotic thing you’ve ever done?
Shouting out ‘Merdeka!’ on Independence Day.

And who is your local hero?
Pak Lah.

So, what do you make of national service?
It builds self-confidence and encourages teamwork.

What’s the one thing all Malaysians must do before they can call themselves truly Malaysian.
Have a teh tarik while gossiping about others. J

This interview first appeared in the November 2006 issue of JUICE magazine.

Fact File
Name A D Rosewell Wilson
Born 23 November, 1977 in Kuala Lumpur.
Musical style Breaks
Little known fact Whipping the wheels of steel is in Acid’s blood. His brother is Nanda and his cousin is Face.