From The Vault: Bryan Burger

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The DJs’ DJ, Bryan Tan aka Burger might not have been a DJ at all. “I was working in Music Valley in Starhill [Centre] as a Supervisor and was not really serious about DJing, ” relates the shy beat juggler. “At that time, I loved fashion and was supposed to go to La Salle [College International] but my friend who was studying there told me it was a waste of money, so I went for a 2-day tailoring course instead.” 7 years on, his mate’s advise has paid off and the ex-Movement ressie has stitched up sets at Boom Boom Room and Arena in Sunway Lagoon and fashioned a haute CV as former member of Tempo and co-founder of Excessive Records alongside partner, Callen Tham. It’s here that Burger imparts the knowledge onto would be jockeys at Excessive Records’ Royale Academy DJ school. Burger’s latest project, is as one third of the supergroup, Popcon (alongside Ben Katana and Goldfish). Being suckers for the obvious, JUICE thought it only right that post Burger’s recent “guest chef” stint at Atmosphere’s sonically savoury bi-monthly cook up, Delicious, we get him to lend his culinary expertise to rating his favourite of six chubby meat patties.

Interview April Kuan

Beef Steak Burger In Macau, Kim Gary, RM4.90. (Non-halal)
“This tastes like roast pork…. The bread is too dry, too toasted. If you’re hungry you can eat this…. ”
What it reminds Bryan of “The first Chemical Brothers album [Exit Planet Dust]. On their first album they whacked everything and it was homemade, just like this burger.”
Bryan Burger rates it **

French Chicken Burger, Burger King, RM6.90.
“Mmm … not bad. If this burger were a track, it’d be ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk.”
What it reminds Bryan of “The first time I went to Burger King in Singapore, in 1998. I was there to watch The Chemical Brothers live with Johnboy, Callen and [my friend] Richard.”
Bryan Burger rates it ***

Filet-O-Fish, McDonald’s, RM4.30.
“I love McDonald’s. The first time I ate at McDonald’s was at Ampang Park with my family. I think I was in Standard Two at the time. All of us hated it. I think we were too Chinese to appreciate the mayonnaise (chuckles). My favourite now is this one and McChicken. I eat it like once a week! It’s like my all time favourite album, Leftism from Leftfield-I never get bored of it. I love the apple pie too.”
What it reminds Bryan Burger of “The days of Soul II Soul, EMF, Enigma, 90s old school stuff. I would go to Boom Boom [Room] where Face was playing downstairs and upstairs was Callen. I used to hate Callen because I thought he was crap-he played epic house! I also got to know Ruben [DJ Love] when he was a dancer at Fire. Everyday we’d [my friends and I] hope that he’d fall of the podium. He was dancing like 2 Unlimited!”
Bryan Burger rates it *****

Zinger Burger, KFC, RM4.40.
“No one buys KFC burgers unless they’re really hungry! I only go there for the chicken. It’s weird to have a chicken burger in a place that essentially sells chicken. It’s a ‘no choice’ burger!”
What it reminds Bryan Burger of “‘Shalala La La’ by The Vengaboys or ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua.”
Bryan Burger rates it *

Ramli Burger, RM2.
“Ramli Burger is an emergency burger. When there is nothing else to eat there is the Ramli Burger. It’s great because you can eat it in an outdoor environment and appreciate nature and your natural surroundings!”
What it reminds Bryan Burger of “Movement days. I used to eat them before the work shift. That was when Kent started their 961 campaign and the whole underground dance culture was coming up. Ramli Burger you have to eat it like this … (tilts burger to vertical position) … because it’s too oily. But it’s cheap and it’s great when you’re hungry.”
Bryan rates it **

Chipotle Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger, Chili’s, RM18.95.
“If this burger were a track, it’d be ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’ by Josh Wink. I usually go to Chili’s for drinks and to eat the salad because the portions are usually too big for me. This is huge man … quite hard to eat. The meat is quite nice.”
What it reminds Bryan Burger of “The 90s. These days people look towards the past for huge tunes and it’s good now to play tracks from the 90s. I like weird music. I like to collect things that people don’t like to collect … clothes, toys, music….”
Bryan Burger rates it ***

(Prices do not include government tax and service charge.)

Fact File
Name Bryan Tan
Born 1 March 1977, KL
Style of music “Jacking minimal techno house.”

This interview was first published in JUICE magazine in the year 2006. It predates the return of Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr.