From Slovenia With Beats

Slovenia may sound like a distant land with nothing to boast about except nice skiing spots. But the former-Yugoslavian state is also home to acclaimed techno producer Umek who masters dimensions in sound and technology unlike any other.

It’s his unyielding drive as a producer that has delivered over 200 official releases on many labels over the years. At times apocalyptic, at times nihilistic, Umek’s original productions are never short of devastating when unleashed upon a packed dancefloor.

As label chief of his own 1605 Music Therapy label, Umek is ceaseless in releasing techno with the ability to move bodies. Dance fans will instantly recognise his hits ‘You Might Hear Nothing’, ‘Second To None’ and ‘Gatex’.

Now, Umek is set to release his next full-length studio album Responding To Dynamic (1605 Music Therapy) on 9 February 2010. Encapsulating precise, gut-rumbling techno sensibilities, Responding To Dynamic proves that techno in the hands of a pro can move masses just as effectively as rock, pop or hip hop. From the sinister drone of ‘Utopian Societies’ to the hypnotic layers of ‘Uncouth Manners’, Responding To Dynamic is a techno lover’s feast.

A DJ and producer since the early 90s, Umek’s style has ranged from brutal, alternative electronic sounds (‘Ricochet Effect’, ‘Another Matter Entirely’, ‘Utopia’) to proper club anthems (‘Posing As Me’, ‘Carbon Occasions’). With support from fellow global DJ and producers Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Sander Kleinenberg and others who play Umek’s tunes in their live sets, 1605 has become a go-to label for star DJs.

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