From Boozy To Bird’s Nest and Even For Dogs, Here’s 8 Unique Mooncake Sets For Your Mid-Autumn Fest

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Source: China Travel

Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival, is synonymous with the spirit of giving amongst those who celebrate it.

As the full moon during the festival represents reunion, this is the time when families, friends, colleagues, and clients gift each other with mooncakes as a symbol of harmony and togetherness.

Due to the popularity of the delicacy as well as the Chinese culture of giving out mooncakes, it’s not uncommon to hunt for the prettiest mooncake boxes in town as a sign of prosperity or social status.

With more brands introducing their own decorated versions every year, some have shifted their attention beyond the packaging to discover the best new mooncake flavours and fillings to try.

If you’re looking for the most innovative mooncake flavours around the Klang Valley for a contemporary palate, here’s 8 of our top picks.

1. Platter People


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Better known for their artisanal platters and charcuterie boards, Platter People offers you a supersized traditional mooncake filled with a modern twist of creamy salted egg custard, wrapped in lotus filling.

This handmade 6.5 inch mooncake has that melting-in-your-mouth, sweet-salty combo that will definitely leave you wanting more, despite the already large serving size.

Surrounded by a variety of fresh, sweet, juicy fruits, this mooncake platter tastes even better when shared with the whole family throughout the usual familial camaraderie and loud chuckles. It’s bound to be a memory you’ll look back on.

Go big or go home, right?

2. Golden Bites MY


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Touching base with our local roots, Golden Bites’ brings you their signature durian filling during this seasonal festival.

Their special Mid-Autumn festival bundled set includes 3 premium Musang King Snowskins, and 4 Musang King Lava Mooncakes.

Their snowskin mooncake, frozen before delivery coupled with the soft and creamy filling of durian, gives off a texture similar to ice cream-filled mochi.

As for the Musang King Lava Mooncakes, the outer layer is bamboo charcoal shell, topped with 24k edible gold dust to fuel prosperity this season.

Durian lovers, get yours now before they’re sold out!

3. Bake Creation


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If you’re someone who prefers tea over coffee, this one’s for you. Bake Creation brings you an array of tea-flavoured emerald snowskin mooncakes.

Their Superior Tea Flavour Snow Skin Mooncake set offers 6 different types of tea flavoured mooncakes, all in one box.

As for the tea flavours themselves, they range from Earl Grey Tea, to Roasted Hojicha, just to name a few. You name it, they have it!

And even if you’re not a tea lover, how could you resist these elegant and poised designs?

Pre-order them now and have them delivered to your humble abode by 16-21st of September!

4. Oh Cha Matcha

Speaking of tea, Oh Cha Matcha’s super popular Snow Skin Matcha Mooncakes are officially back this season.

If you missed the amazing sugar-free, dairy-free & guilt-free treats last year, they’re bringing in four classic matcha flavours all encased in their healthy snow skin mooncakes. All flavours are vegan-friendly and handmade with plant-based, natural stevia.

They also have a collaboration with Garage 51 to give you a more classic mooncake experience, inclusive of their Matcha White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, and White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk.

And for the skincare kings and queens out there, Oh Cha Matcha also has a combined set with @clefskincare. When you spend RM250 and above on CLEF products, you get these exclusive mooncakes for free!

5. Wellnest Asia


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Wellnest Asia kicks off their third year of their best-selling Bird’s Nest Snowskin Mooncakes, in 2 classic locally inspired flavours; Signature Red Dates and Pandan Gula Melaka. They also have 2 new additional flavours, Kaya Coconut and Mango.

If you’re health conscious, or have a mother who loves bird’s nest more than she loves you, indulge in their artisanal mooncakes, each hand-crafted with care & filled with generous amount of bird’s nest harvested from their own farm.

Their set comes with a wooden gift box, with the choice of 4 or 6 of their mooncakes. You can also customise greeting cards for gifting these to your loved ones.

They also have a Romantic Gift Box in collaboration with @devoyage_macaron, filled with the mooncakes as well as their premium handcrafted maracons with 12 flavours to choose from, each unique on its own and suitable for all ages.

6. Valen’s Patisserie

All aboard! This space-themed mooncake set is sure to wow all of the NASA fans and aspiring astronauts out there, or even if you just think they look really cool.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, embark on an interstellar taste exploration journey with Valen’s Patisserie “Fly me to the Moon” Chocolate Mooncakes.

Featuring the most unexpected flavour combinations, you and your loved ones can now transport yourself through a universe of unique palatable flavour sensations that are out of this world.

The story behind this features a character named Jade Bunny who gets lost in outer space, trying to find his way to the moon. During his journey he comes across 4 planets featuring their unique taste sensations.

Named after the “planets”, the set comes with Matcha Raspberry, Yuzu Genmaicha, Hazelnut Praline and Chocolate Coffee, and surely makes up the perfect treats for those who prefer unconventional Mooncake treats.

So be whisked away to an extraterrestrial experience as you indulge in these delicacies!


Alright, kids. It’s time for the adult NSFW mooncakes.

Well known for their alcoholic desserts, theicecreambar brings you their (very) alcoholic mooncakes this season.

They handcraft each mooncake and wrap them in a delicate snowskin with the utmost detail to perfection. Each box comes with the perfect pairing of two flavours, “ECLIPSE” (Rum and Raisin) and “FULL MOON” (Baileys Brownies). Twilight, anyone? 

The set also includes a premium gold metal cutlery set and a reusable cooler bag.

There’s also a little surprise right in the middle of the mooncake where there lies a dense rum-soaked raisin jam for a climax of rum raisin goodness.

Best order quickly before they rum out!

8. Doggology

If you’re not much of a fan of mooncakes, maybe your best friend is.

Doggology brings this year’s Mid-Autumn festival to our furry friends with their pet mooncakes that come in two flavours; Chicken & Chicken Liver, and Salmon & Goat Cheese.

Packaged in their hygienic and convenient designs, their sugar-free mooncakes are completely safe and healthy for your beloved canines to devour.

Plus, 10% of their profits goes towards #StraysMalaysia.

And there you have it! Order some of these unique mooncakes this season and enjoy them with your loved ones. 

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