Frisk pres. DJ Nikki, Mr Fluff and Kyle Kwan @ Vanity Mansion

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The traffic caused us to miss Kyle Kwan’s set at Frisk. It was our first time at Vanity Mansion and DJ Nikki was on the decks when we arrived and she was burning up the dance floor with her mix of electro, tech and house. It’s gonna be a good night.

After much dancing, we hit up the bar. The drinks were at priced fairly, but it was the Absinthe on the menu that grabbed our attention! We took a shot of Absinthe and beer just tasted like water. The space isn’t that big, but it was definitely pretty. We managed to find ourselves a good corner overlooking the whole room. Things were pumping back up and it got our feet itchy for the dancefloor again.

Just shortly, Mr Fluff aka Bo took over over. It wasn’t long that Mr Fluff brought everybody back to the dancefloor harder than ever. His sick beats came over the party like a tidal wave and swept everyone off their feet.

Everyone was so caught up in the music and dancing that nobody noticed the time. Next thing we knew it was last call at the bar and the lights were getting ready to pop on and it was time for us to bounce out of there. Frisk turned out better then expected and the new Vanity Mansion is looking good.

Frisk pres. DJ Nikki, Mr Fluff and Kyle Kwan @ Vanity Mansion happened on Saturday 6 February. Check out the pix here in our gallery!

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