Friendly Fires: Pala (XL Recordings)

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The St. Albans trio continues to light up dancefloors across the world with their new, dance punk album Pala. Crammed full of infectious beats and inspiring lyrics, the album is a breath of fresh air from the growing predictability of electro being spun in clubs worldwide.

Countless indie dance bands have surfaced throughout the last few years, sporting fringe-heavy hairdos and popular indie outfits, however Friendly Fires have outwardly emerged from the masses with an album loaded with fresh tunes, proving that they are capable of much more than ‘looking the part’.

Be warned, this album could unconsciously find its way onto repeat this summer, its light, rhythmical flare will have you quickly digging out your boardshorts and sailing into the sun.

LISTEN TO: ‘Pull Me Back To Earth’
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