Friday I’m At Work

As my devoted fans might be wondering why I’ve been somewhat out of the JUICE limelight lately, I think I should address this now. I’ve been chasing up some really old deadlines and trying to start the new year with a clean slate (work-wise at least).

I’d love some free time to myself but duty calls. An email came in from Amaya – a new watering hole located right behind the KFC near PJ Hilton. I was glad that I brought my Beatles vibes with me cause the joint was a neat. It was a Hindustani and English pub, meaning they played Hindi music and classic Western retro. They had a stage and a pool table. The staff were really friendly. And the best thing was the menu which was very fairly priced with beers going for RM32 a jug during happy hours. Definitely a good place to hide from the boss.

Although I was feeling a bit hungry, I had to dash off to OneCafe in KL to catch MxPx – an old Christian punk band that I used to listen to when I was still a church-going kid. MxPx formed back in ’92. I couldn’t remember most of the lyrics. It was either my age catching up on me or the RM7 bottles of beer. Anyway, it was still pretty cool to watch a Christian punk band drunk. And as a bonus, founding and sole-remaining member Mike Herrera (bass) was backed by Kris Roe (frontman of the Ataris) on guitar and Chris Wilson (Summer Obsession) on drums.

The lineup was amazing. While other mid 30-year-old dudes are either slaving or selling out to their jobs, these guys are still jumping with gee-tars like kids who just discovered they could light their own farts. They might have somehow found a way to beat the system. I think it has to do with believing in God and not letting money get in the way or something…

The highlight of the show for me was when a kid jumped up onstage and started playing Mike’s bass. He knew note-for-note (well, there were only 4) of that song which I can’t remember the title.

Anyway, it was over like it started. Fast, hard and full of energy like a hummingbird on Dexedrine. Punk came and went. Those bands who stayed true now get to relive their glory days playing to welcoming fans that have been waiting decades to see them in their respective 3rd-world countries. And those bands who sold out became accountants, property developers and Green Day.

At this point, there’s nothing left to do except go TAGing.

If you know me, then you’d know that TAG and me go way back. Read about it here.

PS: I’m sorry Charles, but I didn’t have time to check out your weird Japanese transvestite DJ.