French Photographer Combines Pop Culture & Real Life With Just An iPhone

Images Francois Dourlen

We love pop culture and often wish that it’s real life (who wouldn’t want to live in a world of magic, superheroes and snappy comebacks?).

Instead of making empty wishes like us common folks, Francois Dourlen uses his smartphone and the wonders of the Internet to spice up everyday life. He doesn’t use an iPhone to shoot the photos per se; instead, Dourlen places his iPhone beside his chosen subject and shoots with a camera. Those photos are then posted onto his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where thousand of followers await a new piece of work from Dourlen who has uploaded over 600 images thus far. His clever mash-ups of pop culture images from a quick search on Google, strategically aligned with real life situations, have allowed us to see Looney Tunes at the laundry shop and Homer Simpson driving a car parked just down the road.

There’s a lot more to it than that. Scroll down for a mix of Dourlen’s new and older work:

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