Freedom VYC @ Melaka, Penang, JB and KL

After an electrifying 3 state tour around the country, Freedom Voice Your Choice (VYC) ended with a bang at Fame, Penang together with turntablist champion Kid Fresh from Germany and local maestro DJ Def who churned out his signature style of mixing indie music, hip hop and dance tunes together.

The tour’s success saw their lineups play to sold out venues packed to the brim with Freedom fans. In KL, Freedom VYC was held at Black & White Box, MAPS with 2 rooms playing simultaneously – it was especially hard to decide where to go when the performers list was nothing short of impressive! Headlining the event was trance/house duo Tritonal, Mischa Daniels, DJ Fono and Terence C while at White Box, Gianni Marino, Artistic Raw, LapSap, and Mr Nasty took the decks.

Freedom fans in Melaka was given a night to remember at Pure Bar on 15 July with a 2 room concept that featured international and local acts like DJ Ikon, A-Rox, Blink and Imma*Bleep*Youup!!!. And if it wasn’t enough, Freedom then traveled to Xex, JB next to continue the party down south with DJ Reeve, and Taiwanese act, DJ Ray Ray.

Being on top of their game by being one of the most innovative people around, Freedom gave the power to their fans to voice out and decide, from choosing their favourite local DJ to deciding what experience they wanted and from the cover charge to choice of dress code, each and every fan made Freedom VYC the success that it was. At every tour venue fans were also greeted with a special treat from Freedom, a large LED curtain called Something Fun that showcased Freedom members creative artwork. Says Freedom VYC “From partying with the DJs of their choice to defining their experiences, Freedom has brought a whole new concept of Voice Your Choice to their fans.”

Freedom VYC was held at Melaka, JB, KL and Penang on 15, 16, 23, and 30 July respectively. For more info log on to Check out more pix in the gallery!