Freedom 360 pres. Above & Beyond @ KL Live

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As part of the launch of website, a series of Freedom tour to Johor, Melaka, Sunway, Ipoh, Penang and Kuala Lumpur was held from 21 May onwards. Some of the acts that went on this event series around the peninsular were Karpe DM from Australia, DJ Chris Cutz from US, DJ E-Turn from Taiwan, as well as our local boys of Darkraverz, DJ Blink, DJ Classick and Funkzu. Of course, the final stage was held at KL live featuring Ian Ross, Terence C and UK’s Above & Beyond. Of course JUICE went to check out the fuss.

Whenever there’s a DJ event at KL Live, the whole Life Centre spot will be so lively, like you’re entering a rave party of some sort. On the night of Freedom 360, registration was on the ground floor underneath the stairs up. We were required to fill up an info card and suddenly I felt like it was a real out-of-the-city rave procedure from 2002. That, or I haven’t been to a dance event like this for a while. Registered and collected my wrist tag at the counter then headed up slightly before midnight.

Missed Ian Ross’ set, but managed to catch Terence C’s dope set as we made our way to the front right side of the stage to get a better glimpse of the action. I definitely miss the whole trance scene, but this time I’m sober and much older. The vibe was what I imagined and the big dance vibe felt oh so good. The only boo-hoo was the break after Terence C’s set and making way for Above & Beyond to come go to the decks spoiled the momentum for couple of minutes, which shouldn’t have happened.

The crowd roared when the 2 of the 3 members of Above & Beyond came out from the side of the stage. KL definitely loves Above & Beyond and it was obviously they love us too, otherwise why would they play an exclusive 3-hour set? And the crowd was singing along too! The 2 DJs definitely were in an amazing energy too as they dance and hype along with the crowd.

Despite the weak visual works, the 2 English DJs made it such a memorable night for trance lovers all over. There’s no denying Above & Beyond rocked KL Live that Friday night and grabbed about 2,500 people in total in just one night. Freedom 360 was a success and now I now what the fuss was about. I can’t wait for the next one!

Freedom 360 pres. Above & Beyond was held on Friday, 12 June 2010 at KL Live. Find out more at now. More pics from the event here.

Image Future Sound Asia

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