157,000 Free Booster Shots With Less Intense Side Effects To Be Given Out In Selangor Starting Tomorrow

A total of 157,000 free Covid-19 vaccine booster shots will be provided to Selangor residents beginning tomorrow under the SelVax Booster Programme, said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari.

He said residents aged 18 and above, who had received two vaccine doses, can get the booster jab via walk-ins at the nearest SelCare clinic.

“The list of the SelCare clinics involved in the SelVax Booster Programme is available on its website or via the Selangkah app,” he said at a news conference here today.

However, the public is advised to register with the Selangkah app first for the booster dose, to avoid congestion at the clinics involved.

“The booster shot given is that of the Sinovac vaccine, which is suitable for those who had received two earlier doses of any vaccine (brand).

“This dose is for better immunisation for the public against Covid-19, and like the other vaccines, Sinovac has been proven to reduce the health risk of infections.

“All information on receiving the booster dose through the SelVax Booster Programme will be conveyed by the clinics involved through the MySejahtera app,” said Aminudin.

He said the programme will also be implemented in certain localities, based on requests made by assemblymen.

“Besides that, the state government will be extending the Covid-19 Assessment Centres’ Management Progamme and monitoring of self-quarantined patients through the Selangkah app to boost response to this pandemic.

“Through this system, patients can be evaluated fast and referred for further treatment through the telehealth system, or admitted to quarantine centres and hospitals to avoid brought-in-dead cases during the quarantine period,” he said.

As of November 26, there were 616,980 cases monitored through the Selangkah system, which managed to identify 38,809 individuals with deteriorating health conditions while isolating themselves at home.

The booster shot has been reported to have less intense side effects, as opposed to the first two doses of the vaccine.

“People had fewer reactions after their third dose than after their second dose,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a White House briefing Tuesday.

If you felt side effects from your last vaccine dose, you’ll likely feel similar ones after your booster — but in less severe ways. The CDC describes typical Covid booster side effects as “mild to moderate,” compared to the “intense” ones that often follow a second dose.

That’s largely because your first and second doses have already established a virus-fighting blueprint for your immune system. A booster essentially gives your body more practice at mounting a defense against Covid.

You might want to clear your schedule in the days following your booster shot, just in case — but most discomfort is a sign that the vaccine is working as intended, helping your immune system mount protection against the virus.

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