Fred Perry x Amy Winehouse Foundation x Central Saint Martin


This is a project that combines arguably the best of British arts and culture, wouldn’t you agree? We are all familiar with Fred Perry, and of course, Amy Winehouse — but if some of you aren’t as acquainted with Central Saint Martin (CSM), it’s an arts school that has produced an innumerable venerable list of creative luminaries such as the likes of John Galliano, MIA, PJ Harvey, and Ricardo Tisci, just to name a minute few. In a subculture themed research project, 150 fashion and textiles students from CSM have been challenged to design the iconic Fred Perry Shirt and Bowling Shirt for The Amy Winehouse Foundation Collection. In the end, only four of the best designs were chosen as they best captured the ethos of the brand. From the deep pluralism of the UK, the individual designers were inspired by namely rude boy, punk, Dressers and Soul Boy subcultures, and have interpreted their respective cultural codes onto the limited edition designs. The profits of the sale of these pieces will be donated to Amy Winehouse’s charity that helps youths in need.

Go through the campaign and the four winning student designs below:

The FRED PERRY x Amy Winehouse Foundation x CSM Foundation Collection is available exclusively in Malaysia at FRED PERRY Suria KLCC.