Freakshow Exhibition


Graduates of Limkokwing University circa 2000 to 2003 are reuniting to host a collaborative exhibition with an intriguing theme  — freakshows. Maybe there will be a Bowie-inspired piece since the university’s founder is a huge supporter of the late musician.  Among the few participating artists are Zainal Abidin Musa, Shazry Azman, Jacqueline Katherine Gomez, Dali A. Azis, and Alpharizan Supiee. Actual freakshows won’t be present in physical form, however, after having too much to drink, we’re fairly certain everyone’s inner Hyde will be on public display, which should be good enough to freak the next person out.

Date Friday 4 March — Thursday 10 March ’16
Time 8.30pm 
Venue Minut Init Art Social

More information on the event here