Foulworks: Dynamic Of A Raver 2

Foulworks has a special Valentines’ Day treat for you all! Single or not, this track is meant to get your body moving and grooving. Foulworks was JUICE‘s Best New Resident Night (Neubeats) last year, so it’s only fitting that we are the ones to present to you this follow-up to their track ‘Dynamix Of A Raver’! Just press play, turn up the volume and turn off the lights, and you’ll have a rave going in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about what song is coming up on your playlist for at least 50 minutes, this monster track goes on for just under an hour. An hour of one helluva mix of trance, house and electro music, and pure unadulterated fun? Yeap, pretty much.

Foulworks runs a monthly party at Vertigo under the series “Foulworks NRG”.Listen and dance around to Dynamic Of A Raver 2 here.