Forget Travelling Overseas This December… Malaysia’s Where It’s At!

We were getting bored of the same ol’ culturally-based PSA-quality videos with random ‘influencers’ popping up here and there. Don’t get us wrong, we love traditional culture but over doing it just doesn’t seem sincere in most parts. Time for something new, right?

A big shout-out to Tourism Malaysia and WE ARE KIX for finally perfecting the balancing act of showing old and new Malaysia. The new Malaysia Truly Asia campaign vids explore traditional and modern Malaysian culture — skaters, lokalah clothing, hipster places, our lepak mamak lifestyle and more — cramming in as much surprises as possible.

Also featured; FOOD! Our food is making waves around the world now – from Ramly Burger in New York to Bak Kut Teh in Tokyo, so it’s only natural for it to take centrestage more than once.

And the transitions from one meal to another are super cool. Just shows how magical our cuisines can be.

One thing to note is how modern the Malaysian talent are in this video. Let’s be real guys, no one walks around in full baju melayu or sari on normal days in KL. So by being inclusive of the past (traditional customs like silat, dikir barat, and zapin) and present in the videos, foreigners can get a feel of how Malaysians really are, especially those they will first come in contact with after landing at KLIA (and no, we don’t mean the taxi drivers).

Malaysia boleh? Definitely boleh.

Press play on the two videos down below to see the whole thing:

A little birdie told us that more videos are on the way.

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