Forget ’90s Boiler Room, Here’s the Raya Edition

source: Boiler Room

Just when ’90s Boiler Room proved to be the perfect piss-take on the self-important live-streaming music series, the internet hit us with a more culturally relatable satire of it; Eid Boiler Room. If the title isn’t already self-explanatory, just imagine the likes of Carl Cox, Kaytranada, Kink, and Solumun dropping cornball Raya ditties better played during the long drive back to your kampong. Best of all, these videos are probably too obscure for any butthurt to occur, so we’re not expecting them to be taken down by Boiler Room à la what happened to ’90s Boiler Room anytime soon — or ever.

Watch them below:

Suasana Hari Raya (Sven Vath Rework) – Sharifah AiniTo compliment the #ZoukOut2015 announcement, here’s another #eidboilerroom for you. This time around, the legend, the man himself, Papa Sven Vath, puts on a screamer and gets everyone on their feet, just in time for break fast!! Tangkap bro!

Posted by Afiq Omar on Sunday, 5 July 2015


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