forever fresh

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MTV came too late to our shores for me to have caught Yo! MTV Raps, the blueprint for urban music television programming. By the time Astro started broadcasting here, the hip hop showcase hosted by Doctor Dre (don’t get it twisted, this is a different Doc, not the one who owns Aftermath Records), Ed Lover and the legendary Fab 5 Freddy had already been discontinued. Even reading about it in Wikipedia gives me goosebumps: Big Daddy Kane, Eric B and Rakim, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Leaders of the New School, a young Snoop Doggy Dogg, the Wu Tang Clan; man, everyone was on that show.

So when i found out about the Puma Clyde Forever Fresh limited editions with the Yo! MTV Raps motif, I was in a quandary. I told my girl when i first looked at it that it’s not all that attractive, but the fact that it commemorates a piece of hip hop history makes me *amateur sneakerpimp alert* want it soooo bad. I think it’s the show’s logo on the tongue and the YO! logo on the back that makes it such a to-get item. It reminds me of a childhood of wanting to be “over there”, and not quite getting what I needed “over here”.

But I won’t lie. If Puma comes out with limited edition Transformers kicks, screw Yo! MTV Raps, man. I’m getting those instead.

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