VIDEO: #ForeverChuck — When It Comes to Modern Pop Culture, Nothing is More Iconic Than the Chuck Taylor

Pop culture icons on both TV and cinema screens aren’t just the human characters; from the Delorean to the Guy Fawkes mask, inanimate objects prove to be just as zeitgeist-defining. And nothing is more iconic than the Chuck Taylor – from being the sneaks of choice of proto-goth girl in John Hughes’ Breakfast Club to Marty McFly’s. This is exactly what Director Karim Huu Do contends via Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown in the first episode of Forever Chuck, a web series detailing how the silhouette has come to shape modern pop culture.

Along with legendary film/TV stylist Stephanie Collie, Bobby Brown and her argue that characters in Chucks are “the ones you would root for” and “someone who is kind of an underdog.” Meanwhile, the second episode of Forever Chuck looks at three figures of the LA scene – Vince Staples (rapper), Spanto (creator of Born x Raised), and Jordan Clarkson (basketball player) – and how the Chuck Taylor helped form the quintessential Long Beach street style as well as hip hop culture.

All shorts under the Forever Chuck banner similarly highlight how Chucks have influenced modern culture; with the first two highlighting film and TV, and LA culture and style, while the forthcoming third video being on the bigger world of fashion. The series launched last Monday 13 February, and have since been formatted for digital consumption not just on YouTube, but throughout popular platforms such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Keep your eyes peeled on Converse’s YouTube page for the third episode soon.

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