Foreign Students Harassed & Injured By Men On Motorbike at Mont Kiara in Unprovoked Attack

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source: Instagram

Instagram user @lucidsoda took to her public profile last night to illustrate a terrifying encounter she had with 2 men passing by on a motorbike. She is an Uzbek graphic design student who has been residing in Malaysia since she was 11.

The incident took place at Publika, around 8pm yesterday. The victim, along with a friend, were reportedly catcalled by the men on the motorbike. The girls chose to ignore the men, and this angered them, to the point where they rode against traffic to further harass the girls.

“We were on a pedestrian walkway in front of a condo with a rail separating us from the road, so we felt alright till we realised they turned up onto the walkway and came towards us; we screamed to draw attention and yelled at them to leave us alone,” the post read.

source: Instagram

She began recording when the men came up to them yet again as they were walking past a Secondary School. That was when her friend noticed that the men had picked an object up at the roadside – and unfortunately, the girls could not escape the swift attack.

“He slipped and fell as he took a swing towards me with a large stick and I took that opportunity to beat him up while he was down, he bit my arm and then his friend jumped off the bike to attack me too so I turned to run, I wasn’t fast enough and felt one of them hit me on my back with the stick,” she explained.

“There was a security guard from the school that opened a gate for us to run into for safety but at that point the men had escaped.”

source: Instagram

A police report has since been issued regarding the matter, with photographic evidence presented to the officers as well as on social media. Fortunately, thanks to her quick thinking, the victims also managed to capture their assailants’ number plate on their phone’s camera.

source: Instagram

The final slide of the post features a gruesome image of the victim’s back abrasion, the result from the blow. Photos of other injuries from the night were also uploaded by her.

source: Instagram

At approximately 3 a.m. this morning, upon completing medical examinations, she announced that the unprovoked attack left her with a minor muscle tear and a soft tissue injury.

She also expressed gratitude towards the hundreds of netizens who flooded her profile with well-wishes, calling for news sites and local influencers to help share the story, earn her justice, and spread awareness to citizens nationwide.