For the Ladies (and Some Gents): This is Husband Material Instagram


If you remember, there’s the popular Instagram profile called Hot Dudes Reading, which is quite self-explanatory, but here’s another one that appeals to those of you who pine for that sensitive, nice guy template in an imaginary person/celebrity with a projected personality. The purpose of the page — if you need a concrete reason to ogle on social media — is that it “[champions] handsome, brilliant, intelligent, daring men who would make good and useful husbands.” The term ‘useful’ got us literally laughing out loud but we’ll move on. Currently at 80 posts,  the Instagram is predominantly consisting of well-known (white) celebrity nominees that span from musicians to actors to even fictional characters who—we assume—have been written and constructed so well that they qualify as ideal husband material.  But wait, what does that say about husband material as a notion? Is it so unattainable in real life that we have to look to the cinematic characters and famous people? Why are most of them white dudes? We can’t comment definitively because it requires research and some deep reflection.

But anyway, we’ve screen grabbed our favorites, which you can browse below:

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