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Good news for lovers of the environment, and graphic designers! If you are the former then sing and rejoice, for Common Totes have awesomely designed totes that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with. And if you are the latter, sing and rejoice like it’s 2999 because you can submit your best design to Common Totes, and if the world wide web likes what they see, they’ll vote for ya and you, my designer friend can win USD$300.

Common Totes is Singapore’s first community based website and it’s looking for the next great tote designer. Their aim is to take common everyday products to another level. Established on 10 April 2009, this site will appeal to the design community.

“We noticed there was a distinct lack of interesting graphics and designs on the plain totes that people were carrying,” said Damien Tan, one of the founders of Common Totes. “So we started Common Totes with the goal of uniting a community of design enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and design the perfect tote.”

This on-going competition is open to just about everybody around the world. As Tan says “We strongly believe in creating a gateway for creative individuals to indulge in their passion and get recognized by the community for their works at the same time.”

Members are encouraged to vote for their favourite designs and the winning designs will be manufactured into tote bags for sale in a limited edition run on the Common Totes online store. Every month 2 to 3 designs will be chosen and each winning designer will receive US$300.

Buy a tote or submit in your design at

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