Flying Lotus Kills Your Co-Workers

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There are so many innovative music videos out there and they tend to get overlooked by the major music television channels and award shows, and it’s probably because it’s too smart for them. Pffbt. When I first heard of the buzz on Flying Lotus’ new video on Twitter, I knew it had to be something special. It sure was as Flying Lotus has done it again with some shocking deaths of the pixels.

Graphic designer and experimental shorts creator Mike Winkleman aka ‘Beeple’ directed this new Flying Lotus video titled ‘Kill your Co-Workers’ and it’s wicked! Despite the morbid title and scenes in the video, it’s crazy dope. The song from Lotus’ Pattern+Grid World EP takes on the 8-bit controller sound and is brought to life in video through the art of robots. Beeple also allows you to download the ‘Cinema 4D project files’ so you can star in your own video projects too. Sweet! Now go weep over these endearing robots.

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