Florence + The Machine: ‘Never Let Me Go’

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The fiery red hair we all know and love may be gone for now, but Florence Welch is no less dramatic in her video for the single ‘Never Let Me Go’. The ballad is from Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials album, which was released in 2011 last year and has since been nominated for Best Album in the BRIT Awards.

A hauntingly beautiful song, ‘Never Let Me Go’ has been interpreted by many as a song that speaks of deliverance and surrender. Who knows what Florence was really thinking of when she wrote the song! The video was directed by Tabitha Denholm (who is also a DJ), and stars Twilight actor Jamie Campbell.

Don’t ask us which character he was in the movie, we don’t know and we don’t particularly care either. The video is eerie, and hovers on the brink of being outright weird, but the bewitching performance by Florence on the ice rink just makes the black water, suds and the disappearing act seem completely acceptable.

We’ve tried, but we can’t really explain it. Watch the video for ‘Never Let Me Go’ below and draw your own conclusions.

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