Flica: Telepathy Dreams (Self Released)

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You can throw out all those soothing nature music CDs that is said to be the cure for insomnia. This compilation right here is the cure for everything. From sleep to anxiety, one listen is all it takes to realign your disturbed soul back in place. Before going solo, Flica (aka Euseng Seto) was part of a duo called Muxu alongside ex-Citizens of Ice Cream’s Huat Liang. Realising his urge to perfect his own style, Flica’s 4th album Telepathy Dreams contributes to the world of downtempo and electronica. Purely music and no vocals, there are no traces of an emotional goth-wannabe here. This album connects with you in a very personal way. Although he may sound dark in certain tracks such as ‘Istatic’ and ‘Drun’, that is just a forged feeling to gain momentum to lead you to something better.

Listen to: ‘In Dreams’ and ‘Commes’
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Get soul-searched with Flica at www.myspace.com/flicasound