Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Analogue Photography at Flashback to Analogue 2.0

Date Sat, 4th Mar '17
Time 11am - 6pm
Venue Battery Acid Club

Flashback to Analogue 2.0 is — as the title suggests — an event curated for film enthusiasts and people who are looking to pick up photography as a new hobby. At this event, folks will be able to have conversations with peers regarding all things photography while shopping for equipment they never knew they needed— you can never have too many cameras, right?. Some of the vendors present on this day includes Film Federation, Film Fancy and Aperture Blade 2.8; three independent labels that have dedicated themselves to grow this specific market. To have a visual idea of what the day will be like, browse through photos of the first edition of Flashback to Analogue, which Battery Acid Club hosted last year, here.

More information on the event here