Flair-Mixologist Search 2011

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Besides the obligation to listen to our drunken moans about life or muffled sobs after a break-up, bartenders are more than just a listening ear. They whip up the most delicious concoctions that help kickstart our party nights whilst juggling a few liquor bottles here and there.

Flair-Mixologist Search 2011 is looking for talented mixologist who are capable of creating creative blends of liqueurs and sodas amongst other things to form tasty cocktails to be part of the competition. The event promises to be a great platform for aspiring mixologists to meet others in the same field and maybe even exchange some secrets of the trade among each other.

Participants will be challenged to make at least 3 drinks within 8 minutes using products from sponsors as an ingredient while showing off their flairing skills behind the bar. The winner of the event stands a chance to win RM3500, a trophy and grand champion certificate, not to mention being nationally recognised.

For information about the competition, head on to their FB page here.