Five Little Indians: Alternative Curry

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We love spices and herbs. And therefore, Five Little Indians (FLI) is cool in our cookbook. Hailing from Calcutta, India, the quintet of Neel Adhikari (vocal, guitar), Allan Ao (guitar, backing vocal) Arka Das (drum, percussion), Sayak Banerjee (vocal) and Roheet Mukherjee (bass, vocal) brew their own cup of Hindustani, classical-influenced alternative rock.

Although they sound like they belong in the 90s with grunged out guitars, burly vocals and progressive drumming, FLI are not merely some East-meets-West novelty fusion band. Formed back in 2007, just months before their debut show at Eastwinds Festival ’08, FLI were soon lauded by local and foreign press for their dark, moody sound and gained a slew of festival slots. They’re currently recording their debut album, one that’s sure to open the doors to a whole new spicy world.

Listen to ‘Happy Birthday’ (Indie) at

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