First Real Case of ‘Kantoi’, 13 People Fined For Smoking at Tawau Airport Last Night

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source: Tawau Health Office

In what looks to be the first real case of kantoi since the smoking ban of 2019 came into place, 13 individuals were issued RM250 compound each for ignoring the ‘no smoking’ sign and smoking at the non-smoking area at Tawau Airport last night.

The compounds were issued by Tawau Health Office in a 3-hour operation that involved 10 enforcement officers and concluded at 10.30pm.

Officer Rahman Sampe said it was the 3rd operation of its kind. The Health Office found that some smokers still failed to obey the anti-smoking rules at the airport despite announcements and signs posted at visible areas such as the arrival and departure halls and the lounge.

“We would like to emphasise that the entire airport area has been gazetted as a non-smoking area in accordance to PPKHT. Any individuals or smokers who are still stubborn and found to be smoking in a non-smoking zone will be punished in accordance with Rule 11(1)(g) of the regulations,” Rahman said.

To avoid court action, the 13 individuals who have been fined must go to the Tawau Health Office to pay the RM250 compound within the period given in the notice.

Rahman said the operation would be carried out continuously not only at the airport, but also at other places gazetted as non-smoking areas.

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