Fiona Apple: New Music in the Near Future

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With looks as sweet as Fiona Apple’s and a voice that could melt butter, it’s a sad sad situation when this songbird is quiet. But turn that frown upside down, because Fiona’s back after six years since her last album. Fiona, M.I.A since 2007, has done a few covers and shows through the years and was supposed to release an album in the spring of 2011, but alas, it was not to be. However, the man behind Epic Records, LA Reid has tweeted that there is lots of good music to be released by the label in the coming weeks, and gave a shout out to Ms Apple, welcoming her back into the music scene. We’re excited to hear what new ear candy Fiona has in store for us! Or should we say, candy apples..

Ah, so punny.

Enjoy Fiona’s live performance on The Today Show of the song ‘Paper Bag’ from her album When The Pawn below. For more on Fiona, go here.


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