Find Ramen With a Side of Bosoms in Tokyo

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Located in Tokyo, this charming snack bar has its own specialty. If you haven’t heard of a snack bar before, basically it’s a super small shop lot with limited seats and only one worker – who is also the face of the shop. Customers are usually locals or people who know the owner.

This particular snack bar is called Ramen Snack Bar Izakaya, but is mostly known as Oppai Ramen – oppai means breast (you know where this is going). Located near the Gakugei Daigaku station, it is both like and unlike Hooters; while Hooters operate on a mass scale, Oppai Ramen serves up a more intimate approach with its flagrant display of décolletage. For those of you who are both a food lover and a boob lover, it’s here to perk up your day.

Chef-bartender-owner Takako is usually referred to as ‘Mama’ out of affection. What makes this place different is that while she cooks up some delicious ramen or prepares you a drink, she would occasionally show off her boobs. Mama would usually exaggerate the way she cooks, as her voluptuous breast would bounce around. It’s eye candy and she, too, is very comfortable and happy to be showing her twins off.

Now if you’re pretending to care about the ramen, Japan Inside says the venue serves light shio and shoyu flavour mix, covered in heaps of onions and unfortunately unremarkable noodles. But the mixture of flavours makes the ramen fun, super light, and easy to eat. Part of the fun of eating in a snack bar like this is getting drunk on the atmosphere, the conversation, and the drinking, of course.

We know, we know, it’s in Tokyo. But perhaps, maybe one day you’d get a chance to go there. If you’re a typical hetero cisgender male, you probably happen to like ramen plus tits, so this one is definitely for 95% of you lot out there. You’re welcome.

To see Mama in action, check out this video below:

Ramen Snack Bar Izakaya a.k.a. Oppai Ramen is located at:

2nd floor of Endo Bld.,
2-15-10 Takaban Meguro, Tokyo.

Most of us love boobs, even Timberland is coming out with pink boots for breast cancer awareness.

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