Find Out What You Want From Life at IUMW

While it’s one of the curveballs in life, tertiary education can be liberating. Knowing that the best part of your future lies ahead of you is supposed to be reassuring though many fresh grads find themselves at the mercy of their employers. Welcome to the Free Market – aka the ‘Sync or Swim’ market.

It can be nerve-wrecking regardless which course you pick, what more, which university you entrust your future to.

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is a collaboration between the University of Malaya (UM) and the University of Wales, UK. Being of the same pedigree, both institutions banded together to bring the best undergraduate and postgraduate courses for local and international students.


Keeping You Up To Date

One of the biggest complaints you hear about universities is that the course outline and syllabus are obsolete.

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) consults with experts from fields relevant to their individual courses to refresh the structure and modules. Ensuring you’ll attain something quantifiable when you sign up with them and putting their 200 years of combined academic experience to good use to provide you with a solid background to start your career. All IUMW programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).



Have A Tonne Of Fun

They don’t call it Uni Days for no reason. University-life is a roller coaster ride for many and the best time to explore and meet new people. Whether you’re the quiet type or one of ‘em wild ones, being in a comfortable environment is a sure way of elevating your Uni experience.

With all the facilities you have at hand, opportunities to mix around are aplenty. Get to know other students and be assured of a vibrant campus life. The multi-ethnical community of students at IUMW will provide you with a holistic learning experience in international relations, and a warmer note, a home away from home, while lecturers give their utmost attention during tutoring sessions and are easily approachable.


Going Green

IUMW believes wholeheartedly in sustainable development and their lush campus located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur proves their commitment towards going green.

IUMW closeup


Travel And Study At The Same Time

IUMW shows its commitment to global education by being one of the first universities in Malaysia that allows its students to do a direct credit transfer to a UK university. The Dual Award lets students join the Study Visits Programme, which includes a Study Visit for One Semester to UM or travel abroad to the University of Wales, UK, or even both, with tuition fees totally waived!


Bang for Your Buck

IUMW ensures affordable tuition fees for all, and doesn’t want you to worry about the fluctuating study costs. With an estimated fee of RM12,000 for foundation and RM40,000 to RM 60,000 for degrees, you’re promised a quality education, an internationally recognised degree and access to library and facilities. There’ll even be lecturers from Wales dropping in for a visit from time to time.

PTPTN application services are also available on campus. You may apply for MARA and other financial assistance from a long list of study loans offered by private corporations.



In the Middle of The City

Situated strategically at UM City Campus, Kuala Lumpur, it’s only 10 minutes from KL City Centre. The Sunway Putra Mall and Kampung Baru are close by as well, making sure everything you could possibly need is nearby.

Public transport is available as well, with KTM Putra Station and Star LRT PWTC Station being a mere 10 minutes’ walk away.


Stay Close By For The Full Campus Experience

You may opt to fully commit to a campus lifestyle (partying optional, err, who we kidding?). You’ll have the freedom to decide whether you want to live on or off campus. The 2 prime accommodations of IUMW are Bestari Condominium and Amara, Gombak. Both sites offer humble rooms with fully furnished beds and study tables. Air-condition units are optional depending on your budget.

Both places are within walking distance of the campus but are also accessible by public transport.


Self Growth

The International University of Malaya-Wales encourages you to learn like you’re living forever. After all, a person is never supposed stop learning, ’cause that’ll mean you’ve gone brain dead.



IUMW will be having an Open Day from Friday 24 March to Sunday 26 March 2017. For more info, click here or head to IUMW’s Facebook page.