Filthy Dukes: Tupac Club Rock

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Remember Futurama? Like Bender, its selfish foul-mouthed robot protagonist, we’re huge fans of bending. Spoons, genres, gender, you name it we bend it. Unfortunately the London trio of Filthy Dukes only do genres. They do, however, do it successfully, pulling off a rap-synth hybrid hard to match unless you’ve wired up Jay-Z to Hal 9000. ‘Tupac Club Rock’ perfectly describes what it does, grave robbing the rapper and bringing him back to life on a club dancefloor. It’s not as much of a travesty as it may seem and having performed alongside The Rakes, Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, Filthy Dukes is the sound of the future.

Tupac Robot Club Rock’ was released 3 November. You can visit the future and listen to it and more Filthy Dukes at or

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