Filmmakers Anonymous 14

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Anonymous groups are supposed to help you to overcome your addictions. Now in its 14th session, the Filmmakers Anonymous doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop any time soon. In fact, this group of film addicts is now getting others hooked on their craft by screening their films for free at the Annexe Gallery, Central Market.

The screening will run for about 65 minutes, after which there will be a discussion with the filmmakers. The films featured are as below:

Glorious Bastards (Directed by Giri)
The film revolves around 4 characters: a hitman, a junkie, a gangster and an undercover cop, who all play dirty to win this game of cat and mouse.

Stop Motion Project – When does the violence begin? (Directed by Temme Lee, Lim Kar Mern and Ong Jo-Lene)
Stop Motion Project sets out to ask people the question, ‘When does the violence begin?’ on the issue of Violence Against Women with 3 stop motion animation videos:
#1: Is All Well In Your Taman?
#2: Segregate The Zombies!
#3: What’s Behind Your Words?

Anger (Directed by Linus Chung)
Unable to secure a stable job, a mother decides to become a scavenger to feed her seven children. She does her very best but do her children appreciate her effort and love her?

Like Toy Dolls (Directed by Yihwen)
A lament of the unwanted, this film captures the grief of those abandoned by technology and hidden among trash, never to be found.

One Night On A Train (Directed by Mien Ly, Davina Goh and Khairil M. Bahar)
A 14-hour train ride to Kelantan inspired two girls and a guy to shoot a short film. All three came up with the story and took turns handling the camera when the other person appeared on-screen.

Fly Me to the Moon (Directed by Fikri)
Ji-sung returns home after a long time to care for his mentally-disabled brother, Ji-woon. His brother’s autism makes it difficult for them to communicate and Ji-sung is forced to confront these difficulties.

FA 14 will be happening on 1 April 2011 at 8.30pm at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market. If you’re an addict yourself, feel free to bring a DVD copy of your film to the screening and pass to Anonymous. For more info, check out or e-mail [email protected].

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