Fikir Fiqir

Check it. The ever eclectic and innovative hip hop group Ahli Fiqir are back with a new disc and it’s called Irama Berimah. The album, which was launched at Hard Rock Café recently sees only Daly, Mawar Berduri and DJ Cza present. Yup it’s 3’s company of them for now as Samsol aka Tukang Kata is taking a break for personal reasons. We don’t think there’s gonna be anything stopping ’em, not even that, especially now that video ‘Fiqir Fiqir’ has just been released.


It’s a Phuture Phlow Films production. Director Atomsk takes an A-Team approach in this hilarious A-Fiqir save-the-world video. Ahli Fiqir is known for their trade of wackiness, and it definitely shows in this vid, which sees DJ Cza play ‘Agen Semat’. Hilarious ish!

So much has happened with the members of Ahli Fiqir  since their last album release in 2007. DJ Cza released his ‘Da What’ video and has got busy in the clubs. Daly and Mawar have gotten married and are proud new parents. We got down and dropped words on them the 3 Ahli Fiqir members and found out what is on their minds.

Cza: Life is a journey, I am the captain, the turntable is my ship and Ahli Fiqir is a planet.
Daly: Luckily life is not like a box of ice cream. Got to dig in quick before it melts.

Irama Berimah Album
Cza: Ahli Fiqir’s best album by far, cop it at your nearest store or download it.
Daly: Photo album or recording album? Every Ahli Fiqir album is very special to me especially this 3rd one. I think it’s the best Ahli Fiqir album by far.
Mawar: There are 5 songs on this album and each one sounds different. 1st single ‘Fiqir Fiqir’ is already getting airplay so do check it out. I can safely say this album has totally different sound and feel from our previous albums.

‘Fiqir Fiqir’ Video
Cza: ‘Da What’, DJ Cza featuring Dandee’s dirty version is the video to look out for. I might have to disappear for at least 6 months because of it.
Daly: You always like the songs more after you watch the video. It’s a crucial part to a single.

Cza: Much love for the fans for maintaining our existence although we been pretty quiet this past year.
Daly: The ones that I love the most.
Mawar: We believe we still have fans that listen and appreciate our music. Whatever it is, we do what we do best and that is music.

Cza: Everyone is entitled to their own creative directions, but whatever Jay-Z says it’s cool too. As a matter fact we actually incorporate auto-tune on one the tracks on Mawar’s vocal. Came in the studio one session and Illegal done put some finishing touches to it. It sounded legit and I’m not complaining.
Daly: To be frank, I hate it!

Daly: Boys will always be boys.
Mawar: I’ve got 2 boys in my life – my hubby and my son. My life has been around boys, from working with them and being home with them. It’s every girls dream to be around boys all the time. (laughs)

Daly: Unpredictable.

Cza: When the crowd ain’t moving or when the album ain’t selling.
Daly: Moments that have to be forgotten quickly.

Cza: Stop animal cruelty and find stray animals a home!
Daly: Should not be kept.
Mawar: Believe it or not I don’t like animals and they hate me too.

Cza: Everybody’s feeling the pinch. Invest in cash and hustle more deals!
Daly: A reminder of the instability in life and to work even harder. Can’t afford to let this album float any longer, time to regroup and squeeze every opportunity that comes your way.

Cza: Don’t know much about fashion but once in a while you gotta rock fresh gear to uphold the stats in your fashion sense.
Daly: Save your money, it could be the death of you.
Mawar: Most of my fashion is inspired by what I have in my closet! (Laughs) I love Fergie and Victoria Beckham – these ladies got good fashion sense and style.

Cza: Need one. It gives me the opportunity to flee the concrete jungle, get inspired and come back for the takeover. Wait, what am I talking about? My job is a holiday.
Daly: Don’t have the luxury for that at the moment. Need a holiday very badly.

Cza: Could be better but progressive nonetheless. A couple of months to go ’til the end of the year. The hustle ain’t over!
Daly: It’s a drag at first and when the recession took place things went from bad to worse. Hope for the best and can’t wait for 2010.

The future
Cza: The future is
Daly: I don’t plan or have specific visions of the future. I’d rather accept whatever that is being thrown at me.

Cza: JUICE keeps it relevant, mad props for JUICE!
Daly: D & G. Figure it out yourself.
Mawar: Stay juicy.

Look out for Ahli Fiqir in your area and support local music!