LISTEN: Ffion’s Debut EP Bad Habits is Part Moving On & Part Holding Back

Images Ian Lim

We figured Ffion meant it when she said that her EP is set to release mid of this year. Titled Bad Habits, the six-track compilation of pure electronic r’n’b is as genuine as it gets. The last time JUICE caught up with the singer over email, Ffion confessed to being bad at expressing feelings. Bad Habits thereafter, proves otherwise as velvety vocals serenade us with confrontational yet wistful lyrics. Perhaps it’s the singer’s way of making her songs universally relatable (by excluding the details), but through it all we still witness a huge chunk of Ffion’s cautionary tales of love from track one to six. It is after all, her story to tell.

Listeners get to revisit Ffion’s past relationships song by song and hopefully, learn a thing or two about love in the process. Amidst the beat-heavy numbers in the EP is the clean-sounding opening ‘Rumours’, a melodic journey back to a troubled history and a massive “fuck you” to an ex-lover. Producer GROSSE worked his magic on the epilogue of ‘Rumours’ that seamlessly transitioned into ‘I Miss U’, said to be Ffion’s rawest track. Both songs are emotionally liberating, which makes ‘14 Grand (feat. FAUXE)’ a fitting third addition to this chain of sad girl love songs. ‘14 Grand’ is packed with Twenty88 vibes for a song that’s about two minutes long, before delving into ‘With U’, Ffion’s breakout song. Bonus tracks on the EP include the Shaykh Akbar aka shaykandbake-produced ‘I Got You’ and finally, the minimalistic arrangement of vocal plus keys combo on ‘Trippin’.

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