Festival Tip #2: Don The Ninja

Times are harsh. There is that effing economic downturn, and now we also have to worry about the H1NI virus. It’s a little like how a Big Mac must always come with fries. Anyhoo, wearing standard issue surgical masks to an outdoor festival utterly cramps our style, while those construction worker cup type face masks hark back to all the bad things associated with rave culture. JUICE presents to you, Festival Tip #2. We’ve told you how to shit, now we’re telling you how to breathe.

Wearing masks need not be a dull affair and at RM30 a box of disposables they really are cheap. Get creative and imagine up a different design a day with some magic markers. Just remember to let the ink dry first unless sniffing petrol and glue is up your alley….

If doodling ain’t your forte and you’re as talentless as a dead amoeba then treat yourselves to these coverings by Cross Protection. Marvy Cone Face Mask Unique surgical face mask comes in 4 different designs. www.crossprotection.com

Here’s something for the lay-deez … and no not in that sleazy way.  Samira Boon is a 29-year-old architect and designer who is based in Tokyo. She’s produced a plethora of fashionable antiseptic masks she called ‘Get Well Soon Masks’ (Ahh, so catchy! Like a disease – Ed) My personal favourite - the geisha lips. I want my hands on these! And my face in them!

Last but not least, fellow Malaysians, support local creativity and get these masks from this local online shop. They’re only RM55 for any 3 designs. www.moresales.com.my

With Festival Tip #2 there will be no reason for you to be spreading germs. Spread only love or butter. Til Festival Tip #3. Over and out.