Festival Tip #1: Shit In A Box

Festivals and beer go together like root beer and ice-cream. Of course, you can enjoy the wide open merrymaking with ice cold water or soda, but you know- it ain’t the same. So what is our point exactly? The point is after spending many hours in the hot sun with a drink in hand you are bound to hit the can – of horror. You got that right my compadre, the dreaded port-a-loo.

Thank the rock gods for the geniuses out there who think of solutions to all these banal life problems. Introducing … the Shit Box! (JUICE tries to not be crude but it is what it is.)

Observe picture 1 above, this flat rigid lump of cardboard can be erected into a portable cardboard box strong enough for you to sit on for the time it takes to take a dump. You simply insert poo bag, do the do, tie up said poo bag, dispose of it (discreetly, NOT by flinging it into the moshing crowd), then fold down the box into its original flat state. Simple!

While we think the company that produces this handy item (aptly called the Brown Corporation) really ought to rethink the name, there are 2 other variations to the Shit Box: ‘The Ploo’ the box you can show your mum; and The Little Jack’s Box for kids.  The Rainforest Music Festival is just around the corner, so if you don’t wanna be queuing for a toilet line that’s as long as the queue for Michael’s last concert, you might wanna get a hold of one. FYI toilet paper not included.

For purchase or for more info log on to www.thebrowncorporation.com