LISTEN: F ∆ U X E’s Graduation in Kuala Lumpur

Image Ungku Ibrahim

The Lion City’s formerly masked producer F ∆ U X E recently made Kuala Lumpur his homebase – reportedly with plans to stay in this city for at least a year. Now only a month in, the hardworking musician has already released Graduation, an EP entirely made here. While his stint in KL is to revitalise his creativity and paint on an empty canvas, the record follows the trajectory he’s been on even before Malaysia, with only the inclusion of FiQ-K and Jimmy Reddi on ‘B L O W’ suggesting some city-centric influences. Not that we’re complaining though, F ∆ U X E doing his best Mario impression and going full-r’n’b and soul is the best F ∆ U X E.

Stream and/or purchase the EP below:

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