This Father’s Day, 3 Dads From Galaxy Racer Tell Us About Being A Father In The Esports Industry

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Being a dad is hard – harder than beating the final boss on your favourite video game for sure. You’d need to find that balance between reading your kids bedtime stories and not missing out on a game with your mates.

But if countless hours of playing video games has thought gamer dads one thing, that’s the art of multi-tasking.

This Father’s Day, JUICE collaborated with Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Transmedia Powerhouse, focused on Esports, Content Creators, Music, and Sports.

We spoke to three dads who work in GXR and asked them what it was like to be a father while working in the esports industry.

John Choo, or better know as SiuPakChoi (SPC), has two children while being a Facebook Gaming streamer, a real estate negotiator and a freelance graphic designer. Now that’s multi-tasking.

When asked what being a father meant to him, his response was, “A role model, the pillar of the family, and most importantly, a good friend.”

But that’s not always easy, especially when it comes to discipline and instilling some tough love.

SPC laments over the times he’s regret while raising his kids, “Disciplining my kids physically when they were much younger is one thing I wish I didn’t do. I’ve learnt to be their friend instead, and that brought us much more happiness, respect and understanding in the family.”

“I don’t usually need to do much disciplining nowadays. Frankly speaking, our relationship with the kids now is more like good friends, and that helps so much when we do the actual parenting stuff with them.”

Meanwhile, other dads have different concerns and regrets from the days that have passed. Muhammad Amirulhazim bin Alias (AKA TopCast), a father of one, and full time esports caster and influencer, wishes he had spent more quality time with his daughter.

“I tried to work a 9-5 job. I would wake up at 6 in the morning and come home at 10 at night, because I was using public transport. I went to work while she was asleep, and came home during her bedtime.”

“From there, I decided to find work that had flexible hours instead. So, I quit my day job and focused on being a caster to spend more time at home.”

TopCast describes fatherhood as, “making sacrifices from all aspects, and experiencing true joy when I see my child receive the best happiness in life.”

Speaking of flexibility, there seems to be many perks when the average joe thinks about a job in an esports company. But for these dads, is it really the career they envision their kids striving for?

While he enjoys the extra time he has to see his daughter even when he’s buried in work, TopCast wouldn’t want to see his daughter work in the esports industry.

“Maybe if the e-sports scene matures in the next 10 years. But for now, it’s a 100% no.”


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Fadzil Zahari, father of two, says that he has “no restrictions if my kids want to follow in my footsteps, but I would rather my kids be entrepreneurs who are far greater than myself.”

As far as Asian parenting goes, we’re all familiar with the way our parents would apologise after a fight – bring you a bowl of cut fruit.

But Fadzil has a more progressive way of dealing with things.

“Everytime I’ve been strict on them with a certain issue, I’ll hug them and explain the reason why I do such things.”

And here I thought parents didn’t show physical affection…

All in all, these dads have worked hard to shape their kids into kind-hearted and responsible individuals, no matter how they may show it.

As far as fatherly advice goes, John says, “Be kind, happy, and healthy.” Simple and straight to the point.

Whilst TopCast advises his daughter to have “unwavering loyalty to religion and avoid debt at all costs.”

But most of all, Fadzil chimes in with what we all grew up hearing, and as generic as it may be, it holds a nugget of truth on all our lives.

“Listen to what mommy and daddy say, and you’ll be safe.”

If you’d like to learn more about Galaxy Racer and the wonderful people who work there, check out their website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Here’s wishing all dads a Happy Father’s Day, and GLHF!