Fast As Lighting

The Puma Faas Test Challenge road show’s pursuit to search for the fastest men and women amateur runners in Malaysia has crossed the finish line. The nationwide search covered Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur since July last month.

At the end of it all, Narendran A/L Shanmuganathan and Chong Su Zzen grabbed the gold medal for being the fastest man and woman respectively. While many tried in the road show in Kuala Lumpur, Narendran’s time of 3.17 seconds and Su Zzen’s 4.26 seemed unbeatable.

On top of winning RM500 PUMA vouchers, both these speed devils won the chance to meet Usain Bolt in a three-day two-night trip to Korea. They will also be at the starting line for Malaysia to compete with other Asia Pacific countries to be the fastest in the Asia Pacific Puma Faas Test Challenge.

The competition marked the introduction of the new Faas line of running shoes that were designed for both style and performance. These trainers were inspired by Usain Bolt (currently, the fastest man in the world) and Jamaican culture.

On each and every Puma Faas trainers, there is an assigned number (from 100-1000) to help runners suit their needs. The lower number models such as the Faas 250 have less cushioning and less structure to provide a lightweight, fast-paced trainer. On the other hand, the Faas 500 has additional cushioning and structure and works best as a everyday neutral trainer.

The Faas range are designed to have a rocker-shape outsole that provides smooth touchdown and effortless transition thus giving runners a natural ride and less time on the ground. In addition, they have a horizontal groove that runs the lateral side of the shoe. Regardless of how a runner’s foot hits the ground, the groove will provide them with natural stability.

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