Fashion Phantasma @ Musa

It was the much-talked about Halloween party of the week and we couldn’t possibly miss it. Our very own Miranda was channeling Maggie Cheung from the film In The Mood For Love and I was, well, I think I was MC Hammer with not-so-baggy-pants and no sunnies. Honestly I have no idea was I was. We knew we were in for a treat, especially when it’s organised by multi-brand fashion boutique Musa and PR extraordinaire Amri Rahim’s Fashion Fabulousity.

Fashion Phantasma was definitely one of the most talked-about Halloween in town with the hype that was going around on Twitter, especially. We arrived fashionably late an hour to find the Avenue K store being wildly transformed into a fluorescent wonderland. Musa was almost unrecognisable! Man-about-town Jiman Casablancas was already warming up the decks as we entered and grabbed our lychee martinis. Everyone was in their best Halloween ensemble, which takes us a couple of second to verify who they were. Definitely nice to see almost everyone took the effort to dress up, which makes it super fun.

If you want to mingle and be seen with the most fabulous people in fashion and the industry, this is the party to be at. Guestlist included models and personalities Danielle Graham, Stephanie Chai and Carmen Soo, photog Vincent Paul Yong, designers Sonny San and Cris Yong, DJ/vocalist AraByrd, Maggie Abang Saufi, Sueann Chong from Tongue in Chic and Ming from Bombshell, among others.

The night went on with show performances, prize-givings and even an amazing aerial arts show by our very own Viva Circus. Actor and DJ Nas-T took over the night from Jiman and dishes out some mean electro and dance choons. Unfortunately 1 of the CDJs was faulty, so there were awkward music pauses in between and it was upsetting to see people leaving Musa early as well. Probably because there were so many Halloween parties happening. Despite all that, it was a fabulous night-out of dressing up, drag queen looks and mingling at Fashion Phantasma. Halloween never looked this good.

Fashion Phantasma was held on Saturday, 30 November 2010 at Musa. Check out Musa at More snaps here.