Fashion Fit For Outer Space

If you ever come across a Katy Perry moment ala her song ‘ET’ and you find that you have indeed, fallen in love with a futuristic lover with different DNA then you bet your bottom dollar that you might need a perfect pair of heels for a Savage Garden moment – should he take you to the moon and back, if you’d be his baby. United Nude has, of course thought of that scenario for you and has paired up with performance artist Alicia Framis to create these intergalactic heels just for you.

Space traveling does have its limitations, especially so when it comes to luggage space so this intergalactic United Nude shoes called the ‘Flat Pack’ Shoe comes in a flat package and instructions to for assembly when you reach your destination. United Nude’s collaboration with Spanish artist Alicia Framis is in conjunction with the Moon Life Project, a project inspired by the idea that humans could one day live in space. They may look heavy, but they are made out of carbon fibre so that it’s travel easy travel should you and your extraterrestrial lover decide to commute between earth and his planet town. Not just an art piece, these babies are actually meant to be worn, for real, here on earth.

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