Fasha Sandha Reveals One Fine Detail About Her Wedding Using The New Huawei P30

You know Fasha Sandha. She’s an award-winning actress, model, novelist, and entrepreneur.

source: @fashasandha/Instagram

And she’s also getting married next month to fellow actor, Aidil Aziz

source: @fashasandha/Instagram


A few weeks ago, the famous couple gave us a glimpse of their upcoming nuptials with these stunning pre-wedding photos

Taken entirely with the new Huawei P30 series smartphone and posted on Fasha’s Instagram, people were buzzing over both the dress AND the phone!

The soon-to-be bride was totally glowing and we can’t get over the amount of detail in the super close shots captured by the soon-to-be-launched Huawei P30. Sounds like a match made in heaven 😉

source: Huawei Malaysia
source: Huawei Malaysia

Two days ago, Fasha uploaded more details about her wedding dress on Instagram, straight from the boutique of Rizman Ruzaini!

Rizman Ruzaini has dressed pretty much EVERYONE. From music royalty like Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza and Jaclyn Victor, to silver screen starlets like Elfira Loy and Fazura, this celeb designer is known for intricate details and innovative updates to traditional dress.

So when Fasha posted this update… you know we got excited!

The actress again credits the photo to Huawei, teasing the official launch of the P30.

Last year, the Huawei P20 series took the world by storm with its three camera lenses redefining smartphone photography. By the looks of the details captured on Fasha’s veil, it’s safe to say the tech giant is once again upping the ante!

The Huawei P30 series is slated to launch in Malaysia on 26 March 2019

Based off Fasha and Aidil’s pre-wedding teasers, we already know the Huawei P30 series will feature revolutionary zooming capabilities. As for the rest of the phone’s features… well, we’ll just have to wait until the official launch tomorrow to find out.

source: Huawei Malaysia

Keep up to date with the latest at Huawei’s official website now!

Don’t forget to tune in to the global launch event LIVE from Paris on 26 March, 2pm (GMT+1) Paris time, via the following HUAWEI Mobile links: YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

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