Fanfarlo: The Walls Are Coming Down

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Although Fanfarlo have been kicking around since 2006, their semi-acoustic indie folk tunage is only now getting the attention it rightly deserves. Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol), their debut album Reservoir was recorded in late 2008 and released on the band’s own label Raffle Bat in early 2009. But a deal with Atlantic imprint Canvas has meant that the album’s semi-acoustic waltz with trumpets, violins, mandolins and even a musical saw receives a wider release.

Single ‘The Walls Are Coming Down’ typifies the London-based band’s sound. Rife with jangly strings, insistent horns and led by frontman Simon Balthazar’s lackadaisical slur, it’s like listening to Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse and Noah and the Whale jam on a sunny day.

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Here’s ‘Fire Escape’ from the Reservoir album:


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