Fancy A Beer For Breakfast?

Secret parties, afternoon sessions of acoustic pop and board games, the buzz around Heineken Green Space is asking just where the innovative event platform will head next.

We take you down memory lane for a stroll. Remember those Saturday mornings where you’ll rush down for breakfast in front of the morning monster movies? The Breakfast Club shows you that there’s more to Sunday than just toast and newspaper.

Inspired by the iconic 1980s movie of the same name Heineken Green space served by The Breakfast Club promises an exciting mash up of a morning where you’ll get a gourmet beer breakfast spread. And yes it is a breakfast affair. The hosts are positioning it as an all-weather outdoor picnic where the theme is casual. Think shorts and t-shirts.

The line-up for the breakfast affair includes turning Public into a picnic park complete with deck chairs and tables. Screens scattered around Public will help the guests reconnect with some of the more symbolic movie images of the last 20 years. Public will also be showing off a range of custom created morning themed beer cocktails to spike up your appetite as guests tuck into a full cooked breakfast.

If you’re not a morning person and want to be spared by making small talk, you can hide behind the variety of vintage board games ranging from Connect 4 to Monopoly. The music line up will be a kept secret but expect leading names in the local music scene coming in to do acoustic mini sets.

Heineken Green Space served by Breakfast Club happens on the 31st of January 2010 at Public, Plaza TTDI. 10.30am-2.30pm. Tickets are by invitation only. Head on over to to get your invites.