Family of 8 Sets Up Home Under Tent After Single Mother Loses Her Job

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Source: Awani

After being evicted from their rented house almost a month ago, 43-year-old Roszita Abdul Razak’s family of eight had no choice but to move into a tent.

Due to the lockdown Roszita lost her job where she was working at a gold store in Kulim, Kedah and had to bring her four children, two grandchildren and a niece along to stay with her mother in Pengkalan Batu.

Since her mother is taking care of her other siblings who are not in good health, Roszita moved into the tent as she didn’t want to put more burden on her mother.

Source: Astro Awani

Speaking to Awani, Roszita said, “Before this we were living in Lunas, Kedah and I was working at Kulim Central. When the lockdown was implemented, the store closed and I couldn’t afford to pay for my rent anymore.

“I had to move back in with my mother but since there are already too many people in the house, we had to create a home inside the tent,” she said.

Despite the hardships, Roszita is grateful that the community took sympathy towards her family’s condition including Permatang Berangan State Assemblywoman (ADUN) Nor Hafizah Othman who helped her find a new house.

The family of eight is now relieved to be placed at a transit house in Taman Bertam Perdana, Kepala Batas.

“Alhamdulillah there are people who are helping us. For now, they’re helping with the rent and once I’m stable again I’ll pay it on my own again,” she said.

Roszita hopes she can get a job in the near future so she can take care of her family.