Family @ Neutral

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Jalan P Ramlee’s reputation has taken a dip in recent times. When dance music exploded in KL during the early noughties, the street and its venue operators were the first ones to capitalize on the boom. Nowadays, JPR’s nightlife adopts a Thai-approach (with beach-themed bars and working ladies). But underneath the fog of decadence, there are forces working to counter those sleazy notions of a good time.

It was the debut of Family and the crowd was sparse. The music was nonetheless pumping with fresh sounds, glitches and beats. Former JUICE DJ Quest finalist Gajin put together the show with his buddies Flikswitch, Soundkod and Bob Hazriq (OMP) and they spun a mix of deep house, tech house and techno throughout the night.

Those who were present looked happy and close – just like a real family. The venue, Neutral, provided an edgy atmosphere with projections of trippy images on its white walls. Past midnight, more people came in and the mood lifted a bit. But the music was what was really happening that night. Purely original, it had the slick vibes of house but with more funk and dirt.

JUICE was glad that there were still underground (or underground-ish) venues like this going against the mainstream flow of crap above. Now if we can only persuade the hipster lot to get their arses over there…

Family @ Neutral happened on 16 October 2010. Happy people pictures here. Checkout for updates on the next Family night and more events.