Fake Halal Meat Syndicate in Johor Allegedly Mixed in Pork Meat Too

(source: Sinar Harian/WAPNZ)

More news is surfacing in regards to the fake halal meat-syndicate’s warehouse that was seized by authorities earlier this week. According to the latest update from Sinar Harian, authorities now believe that the repackaged “halal” meat consists of pork meat which is considered haram or forbidden for Muslims.

#ICYMI, it was uncovered that a cartel had been disguising themselves as frozen meat suppliers in a warehouse located at Senai, Johor Bahru. The syndicate have been importing illegal meat from China, Ukraine, Brazil and Argentina, to be sold to markets throughout Malaysia.

The frozen meat was then mixed in with halal-certified meat and repackaged with the halal logo.

At the raid, which was carried out on 1 Dec, Johor State Islamic Religious Department (JAINJ) and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) found a delivery order receipt for internal organs from a pig’s stomach dated 5 November 2020. It is understood that the document was found during a thorough inspection of several important documents of the company.

They even found 50 boxes weighing a ton with the label “perut babi” in Malay and Mandarin.

(source: Sinar Harian)

The warehouse manager told the authorities that their migrant workers were the ones who wrote those words, which made authorities more suspicious. According to a JKDM officer, upon questioning the foreign workers, they claimed that they are not involved in writing or confirming the pork-based receipt.

“We ourselves have called the Bangladeshi and Indonesian workers and they themselves say they have never done any documentation work, and have only been assigned tasks such as unloading, lifting and stacking meat,” he said.

It was also learned that most of the workers were illiterate in Mandarin and Malay.

(source: Sinar Harian)

For now, the confiscation of the warehouse is still in documentation process before any further action can be taken. Apparently, the process will take some time due to the large number of items to be seized.

Johor police chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay confirmed receiving a report regarding the syndicate. Authorities are now monitoring the warehouse for 24 hours to prevent main evidence from being lost or stolen.