Facebook Latest ‘Snooze’ Feature Allows You to Mute Annoying Friends

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We all have that one friend on Facebook (or more, a lot more) who uses Facebook as their diary, and we’ve had enough of it. No, we don’t want to know who broke up with you today, what outfit you’re wearing to bed, who you met at the bookstore this morning, or what you’ve had for breakfast—everyday, 20 posts per hour.

We find ourselves hovering our thumb over the ‘Unfriend’ button, and biting our lips out of frustration because of the guilt that we know would follow soon after the notion. You’d still want to know what’s going on with their lives, but really, we’re not Keeping Up with the Kardashians here.

Alas, our frustrations have finally been put to rest, and the God of computer programming has finally heard our prayers by adding the latest ‘Snooze’ button on Facebook, which will allow us to continue keeping up to date with the lives of our friends… in small doses.

The ‘Snooze’ feature essentially allows us to temporarily mute people, groups or even pages on our newsfeed. Now you can mute the pestering Facebook groups you were added in but just don’t have the heart to leave; and be free of the consistent spams of irrelevant videos and random quotes.

Would the person know that I snoozed them?

No, they won’t, so feel free to snooze away. The ‘Snooze’ function hides the content from a friend, page or group for 30 days. After the ‘Snooze’ period ends, everything will go back to normal, and you’ll be pestered once again by the never-ending flow of daily spams.

Facebook claims that the latest feature will give you “more control” over your news feed, “so the time [you] spend on Facebook is time well spent.”

So how do I access the ‘Snooze’ feature?

It’s simple. To ‘Snooze’ a friend, group or page, just click the ‘Options’ button in the top right corner of a Facebook post and click ‘Snooze’.

You will get a notification from Facebook when the ‘Snooze’ period is coming to an end, sort of like a wake up call telling you to just go ahead and unfriend the person, leave the group or unlike a page already, seeing as you’ve successfully had 30 days of sweet, sweet peace.

What do you guys think of Facebook’s latest feature? Tell us about it in the comments section!