F1 Rocks Singapore @ Fort Canning Park

Thanks to Hotlink, I made my way to catch F1 Rocks Singapore concert featuring DJ Havana Brown, Seb Fontaine, Killa Kela, Black Eyed Peas, and of course, Beyonce! It was a mad rush  of a trip announced at the last minute for us but when an invitation like this is handed to us, who are we to say no. Along with a bunch of loyal Hotlink subscribers who had won the chance to catch Beyonce live, before her October 25 scheduled Malaysia gig this was gonna be crazy. It was F1 week and the who’s who of the music world was in the island republic for the weekend.

Here’s a video we found on YouTube of Beyonce.


We rated our chances of bumping into some A-list pretty high, but we didn’t see Lindsay, who was purportedly the host of F1 Rocks. Oh well….

The location for the gig (which was a 3 night affair; we were there for night 3) was at Fort Canning Park, a mere hop and a skip away from the hotel Hotlink had us booked into. After a photo session with the Hotlink winners, we were on our way in!

The weather was hot and sticky so it was a damn fine thing that F1 Rocks had the sense to hand out fans at the entrance to the venue. Food and drink stores were set up in front of the Red Bull stage and sponsor banners (LG) were pitched up so they were hard to miss. We had an Urbanscapes/Sunburst/Rainforest Music Fest flashback….

On the main stage, the very sexy DJ Havana Brown was already rocking up a large crowd when we found a comfortable spot somewhere between the die-hards crowding the front and the more laid back loungers who camped further up on the grassy hill. There was enough time to fuel up so we nabbed a hotdog and 2 glasses of Mumm Champagne served in one big plastic cup so we could avoid going back for the 2nd. At only 12SGD/glass – what a bargain!

We made our way back to the main stage just as Havana Brown emerged from behind the console to blow kisses at the audience before disapearing backstage. With the Black Eyed Peas up next, straight off their Arthur’s Day performance in KL the previous night, it was body to body.

Kicking it off the right way with ‘Let’s Get It Started’ and ending on the high of their latest David Guetta-produced hit ‘I Gotta Feeling’, Fergie’s vocals were top notch tonight and the group really hit it out of the park with double blow of solid performance and pop sound.

It was a max exodus to the to the bar straight after but the queue proved too much for us, so we hit up the empty Red Bull stage to catch next act, London’s Killa Kela. Throwing into the mix beatboxing and rapping over some nasty beats supplied by a DJ and a drummer, the man had us on our feet throwing preposterously wiggly shapes. It was too bad those gathered there split before the man was done to stake their spot for Beyonce’s performance which was up next, because Killa Kela was well sick! It was pretty amazing to think that while Hotlink winners were here to watch Beyonce live, they had instead got to also see Black Eyed Peas, Killa Kela and a bunch of other acts. Double bonus! Guess it pays to be loyal.

After Killa Kela, we headed to the main stage for The Diva. On right after Seb Fontaine, her entrance seemed to take Singapore by storm as the entire place erupted in deafening cheers as she launched into ‘Crazy In Love’ to the sounds of equally crazy screaming fans. We loved Beyonce’s clever rework of Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know’ into ‘If I Were A Boy’, but there was much to love about this gig. The girl really got the grounds going when she incited a sing-along to  ‘Irreplaceable’, and nevermind the mad scramble for the 4 towels Beyonce’s sweat drenched towels she threw into the sea of arms. With a live band for backup, high energy dance routines and crazy costume changes, this was one heckuva show. Just as we thought it couldn’t be topped Jay-Z’s main squeeze done and go end end the night with ‘Halo’ and a dedication to Michael Jackson. We got the goosebumps. B did good.

Saturday had to be the craziest night yet for F1 Rocks Singapore, which is one mean feat when you consider NERD, ZZ Top and No Doubt topped the bill the night before. But this is clearly just the beginning for Malaysian music fans as Hotlink will be regularly sending its loyal subscribers to concert and major music events across the world every month. If Beyonce’s gig at F1 Rocks Singapore is a taster of things to come then sign us up. We’re all prepped for the next gig – Hotlink brings Beyonce to KL. Unlimited music indeed!

JUICE was at F1 Rocks Singapore @ Fort Canning Park on Saturday 26 September. Thanks to Hotlink for making this possible. Get more F1 Rocks Singapore news at www.f1rocks.com now. Pics coming up soon as we get hold of it. You can search on YouTube for more ‘F1 Rocks Singapore’ videos. Deets of Beyonce’s KL concert here.